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Creative Co.LaB Festival Program

Creativity is made together. That's what the Creative Co.Lab Festival stands for. At Nieuwe Veste, you
can discover a cool,creative playground on the November 24th. A free space where you are allowed to
experiment and try out. Get a funky facemakeover, craft your own hologram, take a plunge into the ball
pit, and dance your heart out in the 1m2 disco. Throughout the evening, relish live music performances
and interactive art installations. The best part? Admission and participation in all activities are
absolutely free! Check out the full lineup for a glimpse of what awaits you.

Would you like to get an even better impression? 
Check our instagram! And you will find more pictures and video's. 

The dreamy indie folk of Mirran takes you to another world filled with intense compositions, layered vocals, and profound lyrics. The artist is now known for his compelling live performances that captivate the audience. 3voor12 Utrecht describes his single 'Stranger' as a 'rich indie folk song.'The debut album will be released at the start of 2024.
I want to be able to touch feelings, characteristics and climb through memories.I’m curious to find ways to trigger the interplay between our inside and our outside world, and how to fit one into the other. I invite their textile covered forms into human spaces for others to experience and explore on their own terms. 
Escape Room Borderland: Do you have what it takes to conquer the enigmatic world of Borderland? As you open your eyes in this parallel dimension, you'll face the ultimate challenge. The line between life and death blurs, and your survival depends on your wits and skills. Designed by Maja Sobotta and Lisa Martens
The Laser Game Adventure: Welcome to the year 2410, a world where the pursuit of perfection takes an ominous twist. In this immersive laser game adventure, you'll find yourself transported to a future defined by cultural homogenization, where uniformity prevails, and mannequin-like people occupy the streets. But it's not too late to change the course of history. Designed by Maja Sobotta and Lisa Martens
With the artwork “Net-work”, Roeland depicts the underlying connection between all entities on Earth in the shape of a large net. The net is crafted from grass collected in the Mastbos in Breda. Through this poetic process, Roeland beautifully combines human action and nature into a single artwork. Humanity and nature are inseparably connected. We are nature, and nature is us. By caring for nature, you ultimately care for yourself.
The funky faces make-up artists are ready to sparkle you up! This eyecatching make-upbar is the place to get your sparkling touch up and get ready for the festival. From subtle make-up to super extra, we will make sure that the Nieuwe Veste is full with Funky Faces!

Ster Borgman sees themselves as a magical scientist and have been researching rust in glass. Rust is something hybrid, something that grows and even overgrows. When you look at glass, it pretends not to move, but when you look away it starts dripping and flowing everywhere: it's slow, but unstoppable. Rust tells a story about deep time; how it bursts out of the earth in the form of iron and then slowly oxidizes through the rain. Learn and see more at the festival! 
Lars is a 19-year-old singer-songwriter who started making music at the age of 8. After several years as a percussionist, he taught himself to play the guitar and piano at the age of 16. To add some color to his musical skills, Lars also started singing and writing his own lyrics. He will not only perform solo but also with his new live band "Het Volume". Together with his live band he delights the audience with energetic yet sensitive Dutch-language songs.
In this space there is connectivity. In this space we can leave our work behind. Our home is of no importance here. This is the space where everything is a possibility. We use our imagination to shape this space. The shape of this space is fluid. We meet each other, we meet the space. What does this space ask of us? What do we need to be in this space? Help us build a Third Space.

Ever wondered how it feels to live life as a hologram? Here's your chance! Visit the Makersbase during the Creative Co.Lab Festival and experience the magical illusion of your own holographic self.

“Mood Path” is an innovative project. A variety of art forms and sensory experiences will get you immersed in a world full of feelings, shapes and colours. We will lead you through a path of five different emotional states: anger, fear, happiness, sadness and love. You will experience emotions as if you were a character in “Inside Out”! Which emotion island will you travel to, with us? 
The Draw Club Breda will be there for a drop-in workshop on making zines. A zine is a small handmade booklet that can be about anything. The layout is also incredibly flexible, allowing for creative freedom. If you're into creative vibes, be sure to swing by. Don't miss out on the opporunitie your own zine, see you there!

Immerse yourself in the beats and choose your vibe in our uniquely themed rooms: Neon, Rainbow, and Glamour. Get ready for a night of unforgettable moments, unique experiences, and dancing under the stars – all with the freedom of wireless headphones
Did you know you can also take your own green screen photo at the Makersbase? Create a fun memory with your friends on this day, and guess what? They will even print the picture for you! Join in and let's capture some awesome moments together!

Explore your creative side in our Craft Area! From crafting beautiful cards and origami figures to experimenting with painting techniques on canvas or paper. Dive into the world of drawing and coloring with pencils, charcoal, ink, or color pencils

Remote Controls is a young band from Breda. At the moment they are still playing covers of for example Foo Fighters and Arctic Monkeys, but they are already working on something new which they would like to show to the world. 
In the heart of Breda, a new sound has emerged, echoing the soulful melodies of the American South. Mount Mono is redefining the Southern Rock genre for a new generation.

Kim's Garage performs their own work and covers. The own songs mix jazz with funk and rock and the saxophone, interesting guitar and bass lines and the two vocals keep it fresh.

These masks distort the space into a dystopian place. Through the alienation they bring, I hope to pull people out of normality for a brief moment. Normality is determined by the frequency of occurrence and how well we perceive it. Is it still possible to break that norm? Are there still unknown, abnormal territories, or have we seen everything and are we no longer surprised by anything? 

Before the invasion, Jenya and Anne created illustrated projects, zines, and screenprints. In 2015, they co-founded PRINT FEST, the first festival for printmaking in Kiev. Additionally, the duo illustrated various books and engaged in many multidisciplinary projects that blended illustration with other disciplines. Apart from their joint projects, they also work individually as illustrators, each with their own themes and methods. 
Discover the enchantment behind the Envelope Wall! What mysterious topic lies beyond this wall of envelopes? Experience the magic yourself and drop by to uncover it, leaving your thoughts behind. Your contribution adds to the intrigue! Come be a part of it.

Self-reflection can be a radical activity for anyone. It requires asking real questions and maintaining an open mind. Self-reflection means looking at yourself outside of your personal frame of reference. This means facing up to past choices and their consequences, and maintaining the urge to keep growing. During a two-month artist residency, Julia van Ravenstein researched a way to use space to influence introspection and shed light on vital internal processes that often go unnoticed, even by the ones experiencing them.
Oh yes! A shared canvas. During one of the brainstorm sessions, there was a request to create a cool image together. Of course, we listened to this. That's why we're introducing the shared canvas. Do you want to know what you need to do for this? Find it at the festival!

Giving a creative revamp to a vinyl record? Awesome! Whether it's painting, decorating, or other artistic expressions, the choice is yours. Bring your artistic vision to life on a musical canvas! 
Limited Edition Clocks:
But that's not all! We also have small clocks available to transform your adorned vinyl record into a unique timepiece. Please note: we have only a limited number of clocks available. Be there early because once they're gone, they're truly gone!