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what is Stadspodium Breda

Creative people from Breda are helped by Stadspodium with cultural initiatives. The Stadspodium is a stage by and for the city of Breda. Where creative makers, doers and thinkers come together. The City Stage can be anywhere in the city. We get to where we are asked. This can be in your neighborhood or we can invite you to perform at one of our locations, to organize, present and / or exhibit. Curious for more?

By experimenting, we can, together with you, discover new possibilities and give everyone the space to develop themselves or their work.
Our goal is to make (amateur) art in Breda more visible. We are creative in our way of working and invite you to share your creativity with the city.
Working together is key and we are always looking for opportunities to support your creativity.
Cultural diversity:
Every person is different and every person is welcome. In everything Stadspodium does, we want to make it as accessible as possible. So that everyone feels welcome.
Stadspodium works from person to person. It is personal and focused on you as an individual.

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