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How to start learning photography

Gepubliceerd: 19-12-2022
Photography is fun and great for your creativity. You’ll learn to look more closely at your surroundings, become aware of its details and be able to manipulate reality. By doing so, the world around you becomes even more exciting! Everyone can get that beautiful and awe-striking picture at some point!

Taking better pictures in 6 easy steps

Do you want to start photographing or pick it up again after a long break? Here’s some of our Photography teacher Ellen van Doorn’s favourite tips and tricks:
  • Practice shooting by doing it a lot and building up experience, so make sure you bring your camera with you!
  • The most important basic elements are light, composition and timing. When you know how to use these in your photo, you’ll end up with a good picture most of the time.
  • Don't think too much about the end result, this takes away the spontaneity. It’s precisely this open-mindedness that gives an uncensored perspective.
  • Follow your intuition and immerse yourself in the moment. Take your time and take a good look around you. Sometimes you come across even more beautiful things than you had in mind before.
  • Photography is about being creative. Explore. Dare to do it differently.
  • Dive closer into the work of photographers you admire and try to figure out why you like it so much. It will help you discover the different aspects that are hidden in a photo.

Which course suits me best?

For beginning photographers, An introduction to Photography is a good way to learn all the basics.

If you’re more experienced or want to pick up photography again, you can join our 3-year lesson program for more in-depth assignments and techniques: Photography 1st year, Photography 2nd year and Photography 3rd year.

Pinhole photography gives you a whole different angle. This form of photography is pure and always surprising. You build your own camera, take photos and develop them in a dark room. It’ll be magic!

If you’re more into getting people in front of your camera, we recommend Portrait Photography!

Do you want to challenge yourself or can’t commit to weekly classes? In the 2-weekly course Surprising photo workshops you work around different themes and aspects of photography.

More information or a trial lesson?

Do you have a question or do you want to try a lesson? Email me (Cecile Verwaaijen, coordinator visual department) at