Introduction to Photography

Do you like photography but wonder if a course is something for you? Then this introductory digital photography course might be just what you're looking for. You do not need to have any experience with photography. In 10 lessons you will make a tour through the landscape of photography and you’ll become acquainted with the basics of Lightroom.

Getting to know the different aspects
You get a taste of technique, composition and the possibilities of several subjects. You discover that there is a wealth of photographic opportunities that you previously passed unseen. All done in a playful way, based on fun assignments. During discussions you experience that you can learn a lot from others. You learn that there are many factors that determine whether a photo will work or not and how you can make the image more powerful. You will also learn how to use Photoshop Elements as a digital darkroom.
In 10 lessons you will make a tour through the landscape of photography. You will then know whether a follow-up program at Nieuwe Veste is something that suits you.

To attend the lessons, you must be in possession of an SLR or a compact camera that is manually adjustable. Don't have it? In the first lessons, discuss with the teacher what is best for you to purchase. What is right for you depends very much on your personal wishes. It will occur that you have to print your pictures to show in class. If you don't have a printer, you can also print it out at the copyshop. To be able to store and take your material with you, it is necessary that you bring a USB stick. There are no additional costs.

Je leert in deze cursus

  • Introduction to the basics of digital photography
  • Image structure 
  • Working on the basis of assignments
  • Working with Photoshop Elements 
  • Evaluate the work together

Voor wie

  • Beginners
  • 18+

Goed om te weten

  • The course price does not include materials
  • You are in possession of an SLR or compact camera that can be adjusted manually. Don't have one? The teacher will give you advice during the first lesson. It depends on your personal wishes
  • You can borrow a tripod from Nieuwe Veste
  • Make sure you have a USB stick
  • You can print your photos at home and take them to class if necessary

Wanneer is deze cursus?

Ma 29 januari
Omschrijving An introduction to photography
Niveau Beginner
Periode 29 jan. 2024 tot 15 apr. 2024
Tijd 20:15 tot 22:15
Leeftijd 18 tot 99 jaar
Aantal lessen 10
Ruimte NV Lokaal B8
Beschikbaarheid Voldoende
Kosten €189,00
Prijs per les €18,90

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Introduction to Photography