Anna Tafel

Docente Dans

Anna Tafel is a dancer, choreographer and teacher form Germany who is now based in Tilburg, the Netherlands, after graduating from Fontys Academy of the Arts. Having a bachelor of dance and choreography in the arts, Anna is able to analyze precisely and give concrete feedbacks to the students during the class to improve their performance to their full potential.

When it comes to her experience within the dance style Waacking Anna has been practicing this dance style over six years now, has been traveling to New York to learn from Archie Burnett who is a main figure in the waacking community and represented Germany in several countries at battles like ‚Eleganza‘ or ‚la fiesta waacking‘, where she could take a win home.

She has been teaching this style now over three years over the countries Netherlands, Germany and Belgium and continues to expand her range in doing so. 

Cursussen van Anna Tafel